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We honor the heroes in our life with heartfelt HEROES series

Ready To Ship:  8x10 insert, single mat, 10x13 Deluxe Frame (no back stand)


Military Heroes


You march a million miles

in the heat, the snow, the rain 

you push your body to the limit

because you are stronger than the pain


You serve your country with all you have

because it’s your call to duty

you understand the commitment it takes

to keep this great land free 


You lead with your strength,

your mind and your valor

and for this we salute you  

as the heroes that we honor


We will always be grateful

for the sacrifices that you make

for your incredible dedication

to keep our country safe  


We will keep you in our prayers

to protect you while you are apart

from all the ones you love  

who hold you close to their hearts


May God guide you 

through all of your challenging days

and bless you with comfort

for your generous and noble ways

Heroes - Military

SKU: H-Military
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