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Our HEROES Series is our heartfelt thanks to those who have dedicated their lives to helping us all.


Ready To Ship:  8x10 text printed on a 10x13 Metal Frame (no back stand)





Empathy so much more
You have the strength
to help a complete stranger,
not knowing anything about them,
but knowing that they need your help.
You selflessly reach your hand out
to let them know that they are not alone.
You have the compassion
to hold their hand when they are scared,
even in the last moments of their lives.
You have the understanding to calm someone
with the tender heart you have been given.
You have empathy for those who are in need,
for you feel their situation and recognize their anxieties.
You are their comfort.
You are the listener to many worried minds,
the communicator for those without voices
and the caretaker to every person that comes into your “house”.
We applaud you, and every nurse,
because we recognize that your job is
exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming
and extremely difficult.
It takes a very special person to be a nurse.
You are our angels here on earth and we
thank you for all you do.

Heroes - Nurse Metal

SKU: HM-Nurse
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