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Our HEROES Series is our heartfelt thanks to those who have dedicated their lives to helping us all.


Ready To Ship:  8x10 insert, single mat, 10x13 Deluxe Frame (no back stand)





We are putting all of our trust into your
hands and you deliver just as though
you love them as much as we do.
You are teaching them so much more
than classroom lessons.
You see them stumble and
you are there to catch them.
You see them scared
and you assure them that all will be alright.
You know each child, not only by their names, but by their personalities, their faults, their successes and their needs… sometimes more than we do.
You understand the homes they come from,
the situations that are affecting their lives
and the hurt that resides in them.
You also know how to make them
smile and how to make each child
feel special.
You know how to direct them
to make better decisions.
You help them to trust in you
as well as the important people
in their lives and you educate them
on how to respect those in authority.
You applaud them on how hard they try,
even though the results might not be exact,
for this is when your passion for teaching comes to light.

And though the challenges may be many, with your creativity and understanding, you always find ways to unlock the minds of your students.
You build their confidence while teaching them how to be empathetic to those who surround them.
You create an atmosphere that is safe and through this you make your classroom a second home.
You are devoted to your job, your school and especially to the children.
You are tough when necessary, tender when needed and the knowledge that you share, whether with facts or with compassion, is appreciated.
Thank you for all you do to mold our children with your lessons, loyalty, strength, kindness and especially
your love.
You are valued, respected and most of all admired, more than you know.
Thank you for doing what you do!!

Heroes - Teacher

SKU: H-Teacher
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