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Our HEROES Series is our heartfelt thanks to those who have dedicated their lives to helping us all.


Ready To Ship:  8x10 insert, single mat, 10x13 Deluxe Frame (no back stand)





You served our country           

so we may continue to live

in the land of the free.

We salute you 


You left your life

and all those you loved

to defend our country

We salute you


You ran up the hills

and trudged through the water

knowing that just one step

could be your last.

We salute you


You slept in bunkers

with one eye open

with frozen feet

and hungry bellies

to awake to do it again

the next day.

We salute you


You bonded with soldiers 

and called them your brothers and sisters 

hoping none would pay the ultimate sacrifice.

We salute you


We thank you and thank every soldier 

that fought for us all.

You will always be a hero in our hearts 

and minds and we thank you for your bravery,

for your love of our country and

for your selflessness.


For all of this, We salute you..

...May God always bless you and keep you in His care.

Heroes - Veteran

SKU: H-Veteran
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