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A heartbeat away - Reflections Collection

Ready To Ship:  8x10, 1 mat, 11x15 Deluxe Frame



A heartbeat away from heaven,

I hear the angels calling my name.

As I walk towards the endless sky,

I feel my fear slowly fading away.

There’s a peace that comes over me,

there’s a warmth that can only be love.

As I leave the world behind me,

I head to a place in the clouds above.

The emptiness I once felt leaves me,

as my soul drifts closer to home.

When I recognize the ones I had been missing,

I realize I will never again be alone.

I look back for only an instant,

to say goodbye to a life I endured. 

Then I walk closer to paradise,

as I am greeted at heaven’s door.


    jm 8-6-20

A Heartbeat Away

SKU: R-Heartbeat
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